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iPad Information, Handbook & Policies


Canadian Independent School strives to create a safe online environment for students and staff engaged in research and learning activities.  The district complies with the Child Internet Protect Act by filtering Internet content for all CISD individuals who use the CISD network and Internet access.  Users are expected to comply with all stipulations of the district's Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Policy.

Equity Statement

CISD network and Internet access users are required to comply with all stipulations in the CISD Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Policy.  Each individual must have on file at the CISD Technology Office a signed AUP, which includes:

  • Parental/Student Agreement Form for Use of the CISD Electronic Network and Internet Access

  • World Wide Web Publishing Agreement

  • Distance Learning/Video Conference Agreement

  • CISD Staff AUP Acknowledgement Form


CISD Technology Handbook and Acceptable Use Form

CISD Filter Procedures


Nondiscrimination Policy

Internet Filter Information​:

In accordance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), the Canadian Independent School District will monitor and filter all Internet access by using appropriate filtering and blocking technology.

  1. All district computers and mobile devices, with access to the Internet, will be filtered.
  2. All users will be restricted from access to inappropriate materials. The district’s filter system supports blocking or filtering access to visual depictions if they are deemed: (1) obscene, (2) pornographic, or (3) harmful to minors.
  3. The district cannot disable the filters when minors are using the Internet even with parental or teacher permission and supervision.

Blocked sites may only be disabled for “bona fide” research purposes. Classroom instructors or administrators may file a request to open the filter for a designated website which will be used for research by submitting a work order or link provided on the block page.