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Canadian ISD Technology Department LOGO


522 Kingman Ave Canadian, TX 79014




Alexis Beck - Chief Academic Officer

Mathers Hale – Technology Director

Becky Wilson - Administrative Assistant & Video Conference Coordinator

Creed Green - Technology Specialist

Computers, consumer electronics, electronic publishing, television and telecommunication technologies are merging to create a new and improved information superhighway. As these technologies evolve into a single interactive information industry, changes in access to and use of information services and tools are, and will continue to, profoundly influence educational goals, content and methodology. It is our goal that new and emerging technology be an integral part of each classroom as tools of instruction for communication and for development and reinforcement of instructional objectives, creative and critical thinking skills and teacher applications.

Technology Department Mission Statement

The technology mission of Canadian Independent School District is to integrate technology into the school environment and educational program in an effort to prepare students to function in a global society. Developing a partnership between the school district, the community, businesses, higher educational institutions and the home will facilitate the acquisition of skills and competencies young people will need as they enter the work force in the twenty-first century.