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CISD Technology Plan

Canadian Independent School District places a high value on the technology planning process. The district focuses on integrating technology into the school environment and educational program in an effort to prepare students to function in a global society. Developing a partnership between the school district, the community, businesses, higher educational institutions, and the home will facilitate the acquisition of skills and competencies young people will need as they enter the work force in the twenty-first century. The stakeholders responsible for implementation include Administrative Staff, Technology Services, Instructional Staff, and Parent and Community Volunteers.

Click here to access the  2013 - 2016 CISD Technology Plan

During each 3 year planning process, the district implements a planning cycle. This six-phase cycle is based on the following model:

·        First phase (September-October): Conducting Needs Assessments

¨       Week 1-2: Administrative Needs and Instructional Staff Needs

¨       Week 3-4: Student Needs

¨       Week 5-6: Community Needs, Business and Professional needs

¨       Week 7-8: Software Inventory and Skills Identification

·        Second Phase (October): Assessment Evaluation

·        Third Phase (Sept-Aug): Staff Development

·        Fourth Phase (August – December): Integration of Technology

·        Fifth Phase (January): Evaluation

·        Sixth Phase (January – May): Revision and Implementation