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Mission Statement

The mission of the CISD SHAC is to support a healthy and safe learning environment in which all of our students may prosper.

Vision Statement

The vision of the CISD SHAC is through coordinated school health all students will reach their goals and obtain healthy habits that will influence them the rest of their lives.


The goal of the CISD SHAC is to reflect the values of our community and to assist the Board of Directors and Superintendent in decisions regarding student health and wellness.



Article I: Authority

Section One: Statute and Policy.

Each school district in the State is required in Chapter 28, Subchapter A-K, and Chapter 38.013 of the Texas Education Code, to establish and maintain a district-level school health advisory council.

Section Two: Limitation  

The SHAC shall be an advisory body, and shall serve to provide guidance, recommendations, and other assistance to the Board of Trustees as is specifically listed in state law and District policy. The SHAC shall have no power to expend public funds, enter into contracts, or otherwise place obligation or liability upon the district.

Article II: Responsibilities

According to state law, District policy, and the direction of the Board of Trustees, the SHAC shall have the following responsibilities:

A.To hold regular meetings 4 times a year.

B.To report once a year to the Board of Trustees.

C.To provide advice and recommendations/counsel prior to decisions pertaining to the areas of health education curriculum appropriate for specific grade levels that may include a coordinated school health program designed to prevent obesity, cardiovascular disease, and Type II diabetes through coordination of: health education, physical education, nutritional services, parental involvement, staff wellness, environmental health, mental/emotional wellness, and health services.

D.To consult regularly with the superintendent and the administrators regarding the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the district coordinated school health program. 

E.To approve the district coordinated school health program, subject to adoption by the Board of Trustees.

F.To consult with the Superintendent and the administrators in advance of submitting issues, concerns, reports, and recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

G.To advise and consult with the district in the development of a comprehensive health education curriculum. 

Article III: Meetings

Section One: Regular  Meetings

The SHAC shall conduct a minimum of four regular meetings per year. 

Section Two: Open Meetings

All meetings of the full SHAC shall be open to the public, and the public shall have reasonable opportunity to provide comment. Chair may limit the time given to speakers. 

Section Three: Quorum  

A quorum shall be the majority of the current membership, as approved by the Board of Trustees. Meetings may still be held without a quorum for purposes of presentations or discussion. However, no actions or voting may take place without a quorum.

Section Four: Decision-making

Members shall attempt to reach decisions by consensus. However, if a clear consensus cannot be obtained, members shall reach a decision by majority vote. Each member shall be entitled to one vote per item. Proxy voting and absentee ballots shall not be permitted; a member must be present to vote.

Section Five: Agendas

Agendas shall be provided for all full SHAC meetings. Agenda items shall be determined by the Chair in consultation with school coordinator.

Article IV: Membership

Section One: Membership Criteria

The membership composition of the SHAC shall comply with the following:

A.     Parents must live within the district, and must be a custodial parent or guardian of a student currently enrolled in the school district.  The majority of the SHAC will consist of parents who are not employed by CISD.

C. The Board of Trustees may also appoint one or more persons from each of the following groups: teachers, administrators, district students, health care professionals, business community, law enforcement, senior citizens clergy, and nonprofit health organizations.

D.  Membership of the SHAC shall strive to reflect the geographic, ethnic, gender and economic diversity of the District.  

Article V: Officers

 Section One: Chairperson

The SHAC shall elect a Chairperson. Only a parent can serve as Chairperson and must not be an employee of CISD.

Section Two: Responsibilities

A.The responsibilities of the Chairperson shall be to:

       - Preside at all meetings of the SHAC.

       - Appoint committees as necessary.

       - Work directly with the school coordinator to compile agendas for all meetings of the SHAC. 

      - Perform other responsibilities as may be prescribed by the SHAC, which   are in accordance with SHAC’s authorizing statute,        district policy, and direction of the Board.

Article VI: Coordinator

The Facilitator of Health Education or the Director of Health Services shall serve as the Coordinator for the SHAC. Responsibilities of the Coordinator shall include:

A.     Ensuring that adequate facility arrangements and staff support are secured for all    meetings.

B.Providing members and support staff with agendas and background materials prior to meetings.

C.Serving as custodian of all SHAC records.

D.Provide staff support in the development and submission of SHAC’s annual report.

E.Providing such other assistance as requested in accordance with the SHAC authorizing statute, district policy, and the direction of the Board of Trustees.

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