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Canadian Education Foundation

Canadian All-School Reunion Set for Summer of 2020


"Our Roots Run Deep"

The Canadian Education Foundation is a 501(c) (3) non-profit philanthropic charitable organization founded by a group of caring and committed citizens with a vision to enhance educational opportunities in Canadian. The CEF is governed by a volunteer board of directors composed of business, community and educational leaders.

The CEF links community resources - time, money, services, expertise - with the needs of our schools to enhance and complement the educational mission of Canadian ISD. This unique group solicits funds from private and corporate sources to support educational activities not funded by tax revenues.

Educational Goals:

  • Enhance and enrich educational opportunities for students
  • Support staff for innovative efforts, recognizing exemplary teaching
  • Involve the community in assuring a quality education for the leader and workers of tomorrow.

Initial Funding Priorities

  • College Career Readiness Programs
  • Innovative Teaching Grants
  • Recognition of Teaching Excellence
  • Student Scholarships 

Governing Board of the

Canadian Education Foundation


President:  Sally Popham Anderson

Vice-President of Finance & Treasurer:  Cheryl Hohertz

Vice-President of Programs:  Haley Ward

Vice-President of Development: Courtney Trolinger

Secretary:  Becky Wilson

Betsy Rader Alexander

Kyle  Barnett

Kayla McEntire Carpenter

Ryan Cook

Tony Cook

Kami Leonard Gilmour

Jonilyn Wilson Hanes

Kyle Lynch

Jay Parnell

George Peyton

Jim Pryor

Courtney Krehbiel Trolinger

Haley Rader Ward

Frank Young

Ex-Student Association Committee:  Kyle Northcott, Becky Wilson, Janis Northcott, Jeannie Cates, Brooke Richardson, Amanda LeFever

The Canadian Education Foundation Board of Directors meets quarterly on the second Wednesday of the month at 5:00 in the conference room of the CISD Technology Office.

The Beargrass

The Canadian Education Foundation logo bears the image of a beargrass plant.  The Beargrass is the official title of the Canadian High School yearbook which is published annually.  The original image for the logo was scanned from a 1918 Beargrass annual archived in the high school library.   

The dedication in the 1918 annual reflects the visions of the Canadian Education Foundation. 

"Our greatest hope is that Canadian High School will make this publication an institution.  If we had the assurances that the Senior classes following us would carry on the work of the BEARGRASS, then we would feel nobly rewarded our work."  (1918)

It is from the foundations of these early citizens and the roots they nobly planted nearly a century ago, that the Canadian Education finds its  vision.  The Foundation reflects on the past as we peer into the future.  It is for these causes that we dedicate our work and acknowledge that truly "Our Roots Run Deep".