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Kyle Lynch

   Kyle Lynch, Canadian ISD Superintendent 

Kyle Lynch came to Canadian ISD in 1992.  He has served as government/economics teacher, basketball coach, head football coach, athletic director, and the Canadian Middle School Principal.  Mr. Lynch has served as Superintendent since 2010.

Lynch earned his Bachelor of Science in Education degree from Lubbock Christian College in 1986 and received his Master of Education degree from West Texas A&M University in 1999. Originally from Phillips, Texas, Mr. Lynch is the son of long time successful school administrator Joel Lynch.  Before coming to Canadian, he began his career teaching at Sanford-Fritch ISD and served there for 5 years.

Mr. Lynch is a member of TASA.  He serves on the Executive Committee of the Regional Advisory Council for Region 16, serves on the Committee of the Panhandle P-16 chapter, serves on the Texas Association of Community Schools Legislative Committee and is Vice-President of the Executive Board of the Texas School Coalition. Mr. Lynch was named the Region 16 Superintendent of the Year in 2015. 

Message from the Superintendent

Canadian Community Members,                                                                          

We are looking forward to another great school year.  It represents another opportunity for our students to achieve great things.  Our vision remains: Excellence: Every Child, Every Day.  We hope this will be the overriding theme in all that we do.  It is a great responsibility to be developing leaders for tomorrow.  We believe that the pursuit of excellence will give great hope for the future. 

Our Strategic Plan embeds this quest for excellence in many goals.  First and foremost, our goal is for our students to achieve their highest academic potential.  Our diverse and multi-talented students come to us with an array of talents and ability levels and we want to help them all be successful.  Our second goal is for our staff members to empower students for educational excellence.  The teacher remains that most important factor in determining classroom success.  Additionally, we want to utilize technology to adapt to the ever changing needs of our students.  We want to prepare our students for the jobs of tomorrow and give them the skills to be competitive in a highly technical society.  We also want to provide facilities that will meet the needs of staff and students while operating efficiently and creatively with tax-payer entrusted dollars.  Finally, we want our parents to be involved in their children’s education.  Research continues to support one of the most important factors of student success is parents taking an active role in the education of their children.

The 2016-17 school years brings a number of exciting opportunities and challenges.  Our secondary campuses will see construction coming from all sides.  The south side will add a two level classroom addition that will serve both high school and middle school.  The north side will include an auxiliary gym that will attach to our current competition gym.  These projects will serve our students well.  I ask for your patience throughout the year as many of our normal routines will be interrupted.

On July 19, 2016 the CISD Board of Trustees voted to pursue making Canadian ISD a District of Innovation.  This option was passed into law by the 84th Texas Legislature.  It allows school districts to have increased flexibility and more local control to decide what local communities want from their school.  A school district may want to purse specific innovations in curriculum, instruction, governance, parent/community involvement, school calendar and certifications.  Essentially, innovation plans will be about local control.  There are limitations, however this designation will allow for empowerment to innovate and think differently to shape the education of our students into the excellence that we desire.

I want to remind parents that the school district provides some insurance for students while they are at school and participating in extracurricular activities. This insurance is secondary and is not intended to be primary coverage. Our insurance carrier makes extended 24 hour coverage available at a very reasonable cost to parents.  For information on this extended coverage, contact any campus office.

 As we move toward the start of another school year, we are planning for great things.  We always want to strive to enhance the excellence that we enjoy.  Please share with us in supporting our students to do great things.  We appreciate the support this community gives to our schools.  Our students benefit greatly from the interest you take in their education. 

Kyle Lynch

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