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Kyle Lynch

pic          Kyle Lynch, Canadian ISD Superintendent 

Kyle Lynch earned his Bachelor of Science in Education degree from Lubbock Christian University in 1986 and received his Master of Education degree from West Texas A&M University in 1999. Originally from Phillips, Texas, Mr. Lynch is the son of long time successful school administrator Joel Lynch.  Before coming to Canadian, he began his career teaching at Sanford-Fritch ISD and served there for 5 years.

Lynch came to Canadian ISD in 1992.  He has served as government/economics teacher, basketball coach, head football coach, athletic director, and the Canadian Middle School Principal.  Mr. Lynch has served as Superintendent since 2010.

Mr. Lynch is a member of TASA and serves as a Legislative Committee member.  He serves on the Executive Committee of the Regional Advisory Council for Region 16, serves on the Committee of the Panhandle P-16 chapter, serves on the Texas Association of Community Schools Legislative Committee and is Vice-President of the Executive Board of the Texas School Coalition. Mr. Lynch was named the Region 16 Superintendent of the Year in 2015. 

Message from the Superintendentleg

Canadian Community Members,                                                                          

We are one year into our School Transformation initiative.  It has been an awesome journey working with parents, staff, community/business leaders and students to identify the most important traits we desire for our children.  As we refine the Profile of a Canadian ISD Graduate, we learned that soft skills matter.  Certainly, academic excellence is a top priority because we want to prepare our students to be successful for the jobs of tomorrow and give them the skills to be competitive in a highly technical society.  However, performance on a single state-mandated test was not found to be a main priority of the CISD community.  In transforming our schools away from a singular test to a more significant vision, we feel that it will bring back the love of learning and the passion that so many of our teachers chose for their life’s work.  This paradigm shift will move us towards an even higher standard of education.  The input we received told us we should facilitate students to be critical thinkers, innovators, problem solvers, community-servants, contributors to a cause, collaborators, communicators and people with grit.  We want them to have the necessary skills to interview, communicate in formal settings and learn to appropriately advocate for themselves.  We want our students to be future-ready.  These lofty goals require work, patience and time.  We are excited about transforming our schools as we prepare our students for success.  

Canadian has long supported its schools by passing bonds.  This practice allows revenue to stay here in Canadian rather than being sent away to Austin in recapture.  It has allowed a savings of more than $90 million in recapture for the District.  The CISD Board of Trustees will call for a bond election to continue this practice to be decided in November 2018.  It appears that there will not be an increase of the current overall tax rate.  Another fact is that Canadian ISD will have the ability to pay off all previous bond debt prior to next school year.  We appreciate your support of our children. 

Research confirms over and again that parent involvement is a huge driver of student success. We want to encourage parents to take an active part in the education of their children.  It is important to allow your children to share their schoolwork and what they are learning.  We hope that you feel welcome in our schools.  You will have an opportunity to really get to know the campuses as we will offer Open House very soon.  Our campuses will be posting a great deal of information on our website at  Please sign up for up to date messaging through our E-Notes system.  We’ll also post announcements on Twitter @CanadianISD or Facebook at Canadian ISD.   Please remember that you can track your child’s progress through the Parent Portal via the website as well.

One of the most important responsibilities of a school is to provide a safe atmosphere for students to learn.  We will remain committed to that charge.  With proactive thinking, our District has instituted many measures with safety as the goal.  We appreciate the way the community has supported measures to keep our children safe.  Safety is not always convenient.  We’ll continue with controlled access to our buildings.  We’ll have restrictions on parking, pick-up and drop-off.  We’ll ensure that our armed defenders receive multiple trainings.  We’ll work to develop relationships with all students to know the stresses in their lives.  We’ll count on parents to contact us directly with safety concerns.  We’ll listen and take threats seriously.  We’ll work closely with local law enforcement.  We’ll continue to look for safety protocols.  Safety is a real challenge.  There is no way to be ready for everything.  The balance between preparedness and fear is delicate.  We all love our way of life and don’t want things to change.  As the world changes around us, we’ll continue to adapt by making safety a priority.

I want to remind parents that the school district provides some insurance for students while they are at school and participating in extracurricular activities. This insurance is secondary and is not intended to be primary coverage. Our insurance carrier makes extended 24 hour coverage available at a very reasonable cost to parents.  For information on this extended coverage, contact any campus office.

As we move toward the start of another school year, we always want to strive to enhance the excellence of our schools.  We will continue to pursue our vision: Excellence: Every Child, Every Day.  We appreciate the support this community gives to our schools.  Our students benefit greatly from the interest you take in their education.



Kyle Lynch

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