Wildcat Way Takes Off
CHS Student Leaders Highlight the Wildcat Way!
Wildcat Way Logo

Local students, staff and administration focused attention on the lifestyle of Canadian High School with the initiation of the “Wildcat Way!” which was introduced during a recent assembly and breakout sessions planned to highlight and launch the initiative. 

Since May 2015, a committee of student leaders and representatives of the CHS staff worked with Mr. Kyle Lynch, Superintendent of Schools, to discuss ways to make an “awesome campus even better.”  The group focused their attention on the tasks of improving relationships, maintaining a legacy of excellence and working for the overall good of Canadian High School. 

Out of this work came the statement, “We, the students of Canadian High School, will strive for unity within these halls.  We will maintain a dynamic school spirit.  We will work toward a bright future through academic excellence.  We promise that no Wildcat will go unnoticed.  We are leaders of tomorrow, carriers of integrity, and supporters of each other.”    A “We Believe in….” statement was drafted along with the list of the Wildcat Way “Essential Behaviors.” 

For further information visit the Wildcat Way.  http://www.canadianisd.net/canadian/canadian_independent_school_district/the_wildcat_way