Tech Recycling
Technology Recycling Efforts Provides Funds for School Activities

Canadian ISD’s Technology Department continues its recycling efforts with the support of businesses and individuals throughout the community. The Technology Department works with FundingFactory to recycle used inkjet and toner cartridges, cell phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, GPS devices, headsets and laptops while raising funds for special student projects.


     FundingFactory is a program of Clover Technologies Group, the world’s largest recycler and remanufacturer of consumable imaging supplies. Together, FundingFactory and its participants have made a notable impact on the environment by keeping millions of pounds of cartridges and small electronic devices out of landfills.


    The price paid for ink cartridges is dependent on the cartridges number and color.  The local school district earns from $5.00 and up for used cell phones.  Cell phones and laptops must power up and not show visual damage or they are considered broken and  only receive 10 cents minimum.


     “We appreciate the communities support for this project.  Many individuals and businesses regularly contribute used cartridges to the recycling endeavor.     We are

shipping off more and more cartridges, which means more funds are available for local

activities, “commented Pam Spencer, Director of Instructional Technology.  The project supports activities of CISD C-Tech Teams. 


     Recycling companies pay all shipping expenses, so that the only cost to the school district is the time to collect and box items   Donations may be dropped off at the Technology Department located in Baker Elementary.  To have cartridges, cell phone and other accepted items picked up call Becky Wilson at (806) 323-8637.