The Beargrass

The Canadian Education Foundation logo bears the image of a beargrass plant.  The Beargrass is the official title of the Canadian High School yearbook which is published annually.  The original image for the logo was scanned from a 1918 Beargrass annual archived in the high school library.   

The dedication in the 1918 annual reflects the visions of the Canadian Education Foundation. 

"Our greatest hope is that Canadian High School will make this publication an institution.  If we had the assurances that the Senior classes following us would carry on the work of the BEARGRASS, then we would feel nobly rewarded our work."  (1918)

It is from the foundations of these early citizens and the roots they nobly planted nearly a century ago, that the Canadian Education finds its  vision.  The Foundation reflects on the past as we peer into the future.  It is for these causes that we dedicate our work and acknowledge that truly "Our Roots Run Deep".