Ex-Students' Assn.

Canadian All-School Reunion Tentatively Set  for August 1, 2020

Canadian Ex-Student's Association

The Canadian Ex-Student's Association is an entity of the Canadian Education Foundation.   It is here in Canadian that our roots are planted, our is to preserve our proud heritage and build bridges to the future through our joint efforts with the CEF. 

President: Kyle Northcott

Vice-Presidents: Becky Wilson

Reunion Committee: Brooke Richardson, Amanda LeFever, Janis Northcott, Jeannie Cates

For address changes, emails, marriage,birth or death notifications, and reunion information contact Becky Wilson, Canadian ISD Technology Office.

Becky Wilson

: 1-806-323-8637
Fax: 1-806-323-9691

Tentative Reserved Date

All School Reunion August 1, 2020