Aiming High STEMS

Aiming High:  STEM College and Career Preparatory Program

XCEL Energy Foundation has awarded the Canadian Education Foundation an Educational Focus Grant to support the Aiming High program in  Canadian ISD. 

The CEF’s Aiming High: STEM College and Career Preparatory Program implement a three-fold approach - education, identification and counseling - as a path for college and career preparation for CISD students.

Focusing on STEM education the CEF are working with teachers, grades 3-8, to enhance a rigorous STEM program which bridges a gap between technology and curriculum, engaging students in hands-on learning while building science literacy and comprehension. Software and mobile digital lab equipment for use with existing tablets and laptops will increase access to hands on learning opportunities for all students.  The areas of concentration will be earth science, life science and physical science. Features of “Thinking like a Scientist” will promote scientific inquiry.  Unit based curriculum designed to motivate students aspiring for careers in STEM disciplines will profile modern scientist, mathematicians and engineers. Materials will correlate with state standards and testing.Teacher Training

To support Science teacher  a Science workshop provided opportunities to  integrate technology tools into the science laps. 

Ultimately addressing the final need, the CEF would like to identify students with aptitudes in STEM fields and encourage their educational endeavors.  A cornerstone of the career prep program will be the continuation of the AIMS, Aptitude Inventory Measurement Service, testing and counseling on site in Canadian.  This program will identify students exhibiting aptitudes for specific STEM careers and provide students and parents with counseling regarding career paths, technical education and college choices.

The Canadian Education Foundation views each of these steps as building blocks in the Aiming High: STEM College and Career Preparatory Program.

 Student Experiment  STEM Using Sensors 

Students use new digital science probes connected to their laptops to conduct experiments.

 experiment fusion  experiment 2

 Students use the concepts of thermal energy with science probes to produce homemade ice cream.  The probes and laptops are digitally recording data from the experiment.