AIMS Testing

Canadian Education Foundation views career aptitude testing as a critical component of the Foundation's Aiming High:  College and Career Preparatory Program.   Assisted by the Canadian ISD College and Career Director, the foundation has contracted with the Aptitude Inventory Measurement Service (AIMS), Dallas, Texas  to provide apptitude testing and counseling  for Canadian High School students. Testing is completed prior to high school graduation. 

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Aiming High - College and Career Preparatory Program Goals:

  • Provide a comprehensive evaluation of the student aptitude for the critical employment fields focusing on mathematics, science, technical or environmental areas of study.
  • Guide the student in the selection of the most appropriate educational environment and course of study to support vocational and professional goals.
  • Provide college / career counseling for students and parents.
  • Assist high school students in bridging the gap from high school to the work force or higher education institution. AIMS Testing

A cornerstone of the college / career preparatory program, the researched based AIMS testing will identify a student’s strengths  and interests while matching the young person’s aptitude with the field of study and vocation that is the most appropriate fit, facilitating the likelihood of success for the student.  The knowledge derived from AIMS testing will benefit program participants and parents who are making educational vocational decisions.  

The objective of the Aiming High: College and Career Preparatory Program is to equip students with tools for transitioning to college or a career. The CEF is committed to assuring participants will be given the opportunity to maximize their education.  This foundation’s obligation to the young person does not end when the student graduates high school and leaves the community.  Upon completion of the AIMS test, program services will continue to be available to students as they pursue their educational endeavors and launch their professional and vocational lives.  Services from AIMS will be available to students for their lifetime.  The CEF aspires for students to achieve educational success while becoming contributing members of society. 

For details on the local administration of the AIMS Testing contact:

Julia Schafer
College and Career Director
Canadian High School
800 Hillside
Canadian, TX  79024

Funding for this program was provided by
XCEL Energy Education Focus Grant
Shaller Mission Fund, First Presbyterian Church
Private Donations