Aiming High Program
Aiming High:  College and Career Preparatory Program

The Canadian Education Foundation's  Aiming High: College and Career Preparatory Program implements a three-fold approach - education, identification and counseling - as a path for college and career preparation for students enrolled at a CISD campus.

Following the premises that the purpose of public education is to produce successful graduates who are prepared to follow a career or higher education path, the Aiming High: College and Career Preparatory Program sponsors many educational activities that foster student growth, career awareness and academic preparation.

Aims TestingAiming High: College and Career Preparatory Program - A cornerstone of the career prep program is the administration of  the
Aptitude Inventory Measurement Service (AIMS) testing and counseling on site in Canadian.  This program identifies an individual's aptitude for specific careers and provides students and parents with counseling services regarding career paths, technical education and college choices.

Aiming High: STEM College and Career Preparatory Program - Focused on STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering, and Math) education, the CEF worked with teachers, grades 3-8, to enhance a rigorous STEM program which bridges a gap between technology and curriculum, engaging students in hands-on learning while building science literacy and comprehension. 

Aiming High:  Work Force Ready
College and Career Preparatory Program implements technology education which assists students in developing financial literacy, an awareness   of economic concepts and practical business/technical skills required to compete effectively in the job market. A program component is the identification of students’ aptitudes and career counseling.  Participants in the program will have the opportunity to complete the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

Aiming High:  Work Force Ready College and Career Preparatory Program, Part II introduces CHS students to Audio/Video production.  The class will implement technology education which builds student knowledge of production design systems, professional communications, employability characteristics and financial literacy while developing technical skills essential to compete in the audio/video production job market.

Financial supporters of the Aiming High Programs have included:

Lone Star Angels
XCEL Energy Education Focus Grants
Shaller Mission Fund, First Presbyterian Church
Individual Contributions